Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) is dedicated to providing simple process solutions to a variety of industry groups. The proprietary MSI segmental compression mechanism provides an even, repeatable radial compression that has been proven for stent crimping and balloon folding applications. MSI has been instrumental in automating or semi-automating a number manual process procedures in the catheter processing and medical device industry.

We are currently exploring niche applications in microelectronics, fiber optics, wire & cable, and consumer products industries. Nearly any application that requires an even radial compression, or the processing of shape memory alloys, could be ideally suited to the patented MSI segmental compression equipment.

The main advantages of the MSI segmental compression technology and equipment include:

  • Improved Product Yields
  • Substantially Reduced Process Cycle Times
  • Elimination of Process Steps
  • Reduced Product Profiles


MSI offers the most comprehensive line of stent crimping tools of any manufacturer. Our diverse product line will meet the needs of start-up organizations in need of R&D and/or pilot production tools through multi-national organizations in need of manufacturing workstations. The MSI stent crimping technology is the industry standard for crimping bare metal and drug eluting stent products. MSI has also developed the most effective process for loading self expanding stents and stent grafts.


The Form/Fold/Set Equipment (FFS) from MSI offers a unique solution to the labor intense, tedious, and unreliable process of catheter balloon pleating and folding. The FFS equipment features our unique Wavepleat™ Technology mechanism that allows for precise, consistent, and repeatable balloon profiles quickly and without the need for operator hand folding and is quickly becoming the industry standard.


The Marker Band Swaging equipment from MSI utilizes the principles of the patented MSI segmental compression mechanism and will likely prove to be the evolution of the swaging process and technology for catheter manufacturers. The MSI swaging equipment eliminates several operator steps by integrating our proprietary, automatic and precise positioning feature into the swaging process.


The Catheter and Stent Testing product group from MSI provides unique, self contained solutions that address some of the most common challenges in catheter & stent testing. Utilizing our core technology in innovative new ways we can now offer catheter & stent testing tools that have an emphasis on improving repeatability while increasing accuracy and resolution in your testing environment.


The MSI thermal shrinking systems are used during tubing processing to apply heat to a wide variety of delivery systems within the medical device industry including: stent delivery systems, guiding catheters, diagnostic catheters, urinary catheters and other braided or coiled catheter products.. Our current product offering includes the Vertical Shrinker, Thermal box and Distal/Proximal tip bonder.


The MSI laser bonding equipment offers a highly efficient, consistent alternative for PTCA & PTA proximal and distal bonding, soft tip attachment, butt joints and other catheter and tube bonding applications. The Laser Bonding equipment is PLC controlled and utilizes a CO2 laser. Versus other laser types, the CO2 laser provides a wave length that is close to the resonance frequencies of polymer groups leading to tighter bonds. The MSI laser bonding equipment will prove to be especially useful for catheter laser bonding in that it not only creates a bond between two polymer materials, but also smoothes out the tubing edge at the joint.